388th Bomb Group
The 388th Bomb Group was one of the Heavy Bomb Groups which meant that it flew B17s.

The 388th had over 400 birds some flew a few missions and others flew over 100. Many of the planes were shot down. Many that were able to make it back were so badly damaged that they were "salvage" and provided extra parts to the 388th. Some even survived the war.

Aircraft List

Aircraft List provides general data for each of the 400+ aircraft which served the crews of the 388th

Memorable Aircraft
Every aircraft was memorable and has its own stories of courage and tragedy. However some of the aircraft have a special significance.

Big Red : The Big Red was like many of the B17s - it flew its missions until it was shot down over France. Like Memphis Belle, the story of Big Red has been captured.


Jamaca Ginger : Of course the one plane that would have to get special mention is the one that flew the most missions. The crews felt lucky to get in their 25 or 35 missions. Jamaca Ginger flew an astounding 189 missions.