388th Bomb Group
During World War II, whenever an aircraft crew went down, a Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) was generated. The MACR was composed of general information about the mishap as well as information collected from eye witness accounts. Each MACR was assigned a unique number and these MACRs are available on microfiche today.

There were 235 MACR reports generated for 388th crews ...


MACR List provide general information for each of the 235 MACR of the 388th

Notable Incidents
Each crash was involved great bravery and sacrifice on the part of the crews. However some of the incidents are more remarkable than others

The Piggy Back : Perhaps one of the most unusual crashes of the war could be what happend to Lt. Gsssssss plane. .........


Mid Air : There were many ways that the enemy could bring down an aircraft. Crashes were also the result of accidents between friendlies ......