388th Bomb Group
The 388th flew over 300 missions during the war (July 17, 1943 to May 20, 1945). Most of these missions were flown in conjunction with other Bomb Groups of the 8th AirForce

306 combat missions were focused mainly on targets in France and Germany. However some of the missions went to Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Czechoslovakia. The 388th also participated in the Aphrodite Project (19 Missions) which was a top secret project that employed remote controlled B-17's on suicide missions.

The 388th also flew humanitarian missions at the end of the war. 5 Chowhound missions airlifted food to starving Dutch in the Netherlands. 2 Revival missions transported emaciated French from Austria to France. A POW mission brought Allied POWs out of Germany and back to England.

Mission List

Mission List provide general data for each of the 314 missions in which the 388th participated

Memorable Missions
Every mission was memorable and involved its own stories of courage and tragedy. However some of the missions were remembered and talked about more than the others

First Mission : The 388th started its war on 17 July 1943 with its first mission - a milk run to Amsterdam. Unfortunately for some citizens of Amsterdam, the aim was not very good. However Anne Frank could hear the bombing of this mission in her hideout and recorded it in her famous diary. The death of innocent civillians was terrible but it gave her hope of an eventual rescue of Amsterdam and the rest of Europe.


Black Thursday : Every mission was dangerous. The Stuttgart Mission on 6 September 1943 was disasterous. For the 388th this was the worst day and became known as Black Thursday. 21 crews were sent and only 13 returned. All 6 aircraft of the 563rd were lost. This was Mission #19 (barely 2 months into the war) and there were 287 more combat missions to go for the 388th.


D-Day : Everyone knew that "The Invasion" would be soon and everyone was ready to get going with it. It was one of those moments that one knew was going to be momentous even before it happen and everyone wanted to be a part of it. The 388th's part was chosen to lead the entire 8th Air Force that day.


Poltava : The visit to Poltava, Russia seemed like a good idea at the time. However before long the bombers were being bombed themselves. This was a nightmare come true for the 388th.