388th Bomb Group
388th BG Database Project
Welcome to the 388th Bomb Group Screen Mockup site.
This is a temporary site that is being used for several purposes:
  • Provide information about the 388th BG Database Project
  • Demonstrate Screen Mockups
  • Provide information about helping collect data
  • ..

    Screen Mockups :The links on the left side will take you to screen mockups for the project. They are intended to give an idea of how the website will look and feel. Not all of the screens are implemented but enough are done to give someone the basic idea.


    Status : A status page is provided to give the most current information on the project. Each month new status is added describing changes to the mockup, the data collection efforts and other information of interest.


    General Information :General information about the project itself is available as well as information about data collection.


    Contact us: If you have any questions or comments regarding the project or would like to volunteer to help as a data collector please contact us at